Who We Are / What We Do


We believe that talented individuals produce their highest quality work when they are passionate about what they do, enjoy the environment and people they do it with, and share in the benefits of what they produce.



While it’s important to be successful, it’s also important to have a good time doing it. Our office environment is casual and collegial, with flexible working hours and frequent intellectual conversations and humorous banter. We treat ourselves well and provide complete benefits, including our favorite drinks and snack foods, generous vacation time for recharging and enjoying life, and frequent company sponsored dinners and trips.



Though our interest and focus is finance, it is our technological and analytical prowess that sets us apart. In order to retain that edge, we constantly challenge our own assumptions and previous achievements and improve the quality of our strategies and technology. Demonstrating this dedication to excellence, our project scopes and schedules are driven by internal requirements rather than artificial deadlines.


Success depends on attracting and retaining the best people. We seek individuals with backgrounds demonstrating ability, intelligence, and excellence: these people take pride in their work, desire to achieve great things, and can be relied on to do their best work without constant oversight.



As a small company, we have both the freedom and obligation to carefully choose our team members. So far, we have assembled intelligent, skilled, and accomplished individuals. Small, self-selecting groups are a powerful force in driving change in the world, and we are excited to work together to lead the coming changes in global financial markets.



Athena Capital Research is a privately funded company with offices in New York City and Hong Kong.  As we work to maintain our edge in the markets, we keep an optimistic eye to the future, always looking to add brilliant, creative minds to the team and to seize new market opportunities, while managing to preserve the founding values so integral to the firm’s success.