Athena Capital Research announced today a donation in the amount of $25,000 to NumFOCUS, a non-profit dedicated to the support and promotion of open source scientific software. Athena joins alongside Microsoft and Continuum Analytics, who are also corporate sponsors, to ignite growth and innovation in the field of open source software development.

“Athena Capital Research supports open source projects that benefit both the scientific and corporate communities”, said Brad Banks, CEO of Athena Capital Research. “Our quantitative traders and strategists use these open source packages daily in pursuit of making capital markets more efficient through automated trading. We are happy to provide support for the wonderful work being done under the NumFOCUS umbrella.”

Andy Terrel, President of our Board of Directors, shares, “Athena Capital supporting NumFOCUS is an investment in the tools that drive innovation in the analytics space. We are able to advance the tools for scientists and businesses alike. This natural symbiotic relationship is good for the entire community.”

NumFOCUS serves as an umbrella organization that helps alleviate the burden of fundraising for burgeoning software projects. ACR’s donation will help fulfill that mission, which includes providing technical fellowships, equipment grants, fees for software engineer tools, and more.

Athena Capital Research is a leading investment manager, specializing in quantitative research and high-performance trading infrastructure. Motivated by a passion for the fields of physics and artificial intelligence, Athena combines talent and creativity to achieve success in the growing field of quantitative trading.

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